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In most cases, information about account related products and services is just a click away. If you need further assistance, please call a Member Service Representative at 877-786-7828.

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ClickSwitch is an online portal you can use to efficiently switch recurring payments and direct deposits from your old institution to a new or existing Radiant Credit Union Account.

It’s automated, fast, and easy.

To start the process and get your ClickSwitch code, just call 877-786-7828. Once you receive your code, you will simply log into the ClickSwitch portal below to begin switching your existing direct deposits and automatic payments. Account information is transferred instantly, paving the way for a smooth and speedy transition to your new account.



Get 24-7 access to your Radiant Credit Union Accounts with Money$Line Phone Banking: 1-800-421-2648

Money$Line gives you 24-7 access to your Radiant Credit Union Accounts. To access Money$Line from the privacy of your home or office, all you need is a phone and your access code.

When you open your account and sign up for Money$Line, you are issued a private access code. With this number, you can check account balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, find out when drafts are posted or cleared, and much more. All transactions made through Money$Line are completely confidential.


For pennies a day you can protect your valuables in a safe deposit box.

Store your hard drives, sentimental items, valuables, important paperwork and more.

Safe deposit boxes are available at the following branches:

  • Downtown Gainesville
  • 43rd Street
  • Jonesville
  • Archer Road
  • Alachua
  • Chiefland
  • Lake City

For availability and size details, visit any of the above locations or call the branch.


How do I receive a Wire Transfer to my Radiant Credit Union Account?

To receive a Wire Transfer to your account, please provide the following information to the individual or business that is sending the wire:

Primary Institution:
Bank Name: Radiant Credit Union
Address: 405 SE 2nd Pl
City, State: Gainesville, FL 32601
ABA or Wire Routing Transit Number: 263178452
Final credit to the member’s name and full account number (13 digits, the first two digits are always zeros)

There is a fee for receiving a Wire Transfer. For details, please refer to the Fee Schedule, or call us at 352-381-5200 or toll free 877-786-7828.


How do I send a Wire Transfer from my Radiant Credit Union Account?

You may send a domestic wire transfer from your Radiant Credit Union account. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for related fees.

At this time, we do not offer Foreign Wire Transfers.

You may initiate a Wire Transfer request through eBanking, by visiting a branch, or by contacting member services at 352-381-5200, or toll free 877-786-7828.