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When you get a pre-approved draft before you go shopping you can:

  • Focus on the actual selling price
  • Shop multiple dealers for the best deal
  • Know exactly how much you want to spend and what your payments will be


Whether you are purchasing a new or used vehicle, Radiant Credit Union has a Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan that’s right for you. You may also purchase Mechanical Breakdown Protection for a car you already own.

In most cases, our Mechanical Breakdown Protection covers more items for a longer time than most other plans. Mechanical Breakdown Protection is usually more comprehensive than factory warranties. The company that underwrites our Mechanical Breakdown Protection has been issuing policies for over 20 years.

Please contact a Radiant Member Service Representative for more information.


GAP Insurance provides you valuable financial protection during the early years of your loan.

GAP Insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself against having to come up with additional funds in the event of an unfortunate accident.

At Radiant Credit Union, we encourage all members who are “upside down” (your loan is larger than the current value of your vehicle) in their auto loans to take advantage of the peace of mind a GAP Insurance plan offers.

Please contact a Radiant Member Service Representative for more information.