VISA® Secured Credit Card

Build credit. Start fresh. No extra fees.

Take advantage of competitive interest rates & more with the VISA® Secured Credit Card. Apply Today. Apply member APPLY non-member 

Enjoy one-of-a-kind benefits

Offering convenience and affordability, you can responsibly and safely build credit with every purchase with a VISA Secured Credit Card.

Build or Establish Credit

A simple security deposit starts you on the path to better credit reports.

No Annual Fee

Enjoy paying less and getting more with fewer credit card fees.

Dime Back Rewards

Get a dime for qualifying purchases straight to your Radiant checking or savings account.

No Co-Signer Required

Navigate your financial future independently and confidently.


Visa Secured Credit Card Rates

Rate as of: November 18, 2021






VISA Secured Credit Card




Members who want to take build or establish credit


Awesome local credit union. They have great staff and the locations are really convenient. I use the online banking to transfer money and the ATM very frequently to deposit my pay checks. Highly recommend supporting your local credit union! Way better than those big banks and all those fees!

Coleen T. in Gainesville
Five Stars

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