share certificates

Certificates are an ideal savings plan for those with savings to invest over short or extended time periods. Share Certificates allow you to grow your money with a locked-in rate of return and maximum security. We offer a variety of terms at great rates so saving is simple and secure.

Radiant certificates pay higher dividends than regular share (savings) accounts and money market accounts. Funds in certificates are insured to $250,000, by the National Credit Union Administration.


Share Certificate Features:

  • Terms of 6-60 months
  • Minimum opening balance is $1,000.00 (except jumbo certificates
  • You may borrow against your share certificate
  • Fixed and adjustable rate available



Adjustable-Rate Certificates

Protect your hard-earned savings from today’s inflation while also taking advantage of changing interest rates with Radiant Credit Union’s Adjustable-Rate Certificate. Our special Adjustable-Rate Certificate let’s you lock in the security of a great term savings rate while also adjusting to benefit from today’s changing interest rates.

How does it work? Radiant’s Adjustable-Rate Certificate is easy to open and offers terms of 12 or 24 months. The certificate rate is adjusted on January 1st and July 1st and is based on the 6-month Treasury Rate plus 0.05% for the 12-month term, or 0.10% for the 24-month term1. And, as always, you have the safety and security of being insured by the NCUA for up to $250,000.

In short, you get the benefit of higher certificate savings rates plus the benefit of bi-annual adjustments to account for ever-changing interest rates.

Get Started Today

Open your Certificate today in eBanking or on the Mobile App in just a few easy steps.

1.   Login to eBanking or the Mobile App.
2.   Under the Accounts menu header, select Quick Apply. 
3.   Next, select Checking and Savings Accounts – Apply Now.
4.   Next, select Certificates of Deposit.
5.   Next, simply choose the certificate you would like.
6.   Finally, complete your funding and amount to fund.

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