Radiant Card Manager App

Card Manager App


Secure your Radiant Visa® Debit or Credit card right from your smartphone.

Download the Radiant Card Manager App from your mobile device’s App store to get started.

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The Radiant Card Manager App helps you safeguard your Radiant Debit and Credit card right from your smartphone. With the Radiant Card Manager App, you can:

  • Restrict Transactions – You can limit and block transactions at ATMs and online, as well as international transactions.
  • Suspend Your Card - Instantly suspend the use of your lost or misplace card. Then, unsuspend when you find it.
  • Set Transaction Limits – Secure your card from large purchases.
  • Send Purchase Alerts – Get push notifications, text messages, and/or emails for the following card transaction details:
    • Transaction amounts
    • Card not present (online transactions)
    • International transactions
    • Card declines
    • Gas station transactions
    • ATM withdrawals
    • Account credits
  • Set Travel Notifications – This alerts Radiant that your card might be used in a different geographical area than normal – lowering the chance of your card being blocked when you make a purchase.
  • Link Your Cards to Your Mobile Wallet – Link your card to enable secure, smart, and easy payment in-store or online via your mobile wallet.

Take control of your Radiant Visa Debit and Credit Card today! Download the app to get started.

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