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Watch your money grow with a Radiant Credit Union Money Market Account. Earn higher dividends on balances over $10,000 while enjoying the flexibility and convenient access to your money.


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Money Market Features:

  • High yields on balances of $10,000 and above
  • No monthly service fee
  • Access funds online
  • 4 balance levels with 4 interest rate levels
  • Visa Debit Card access


Money Market Frequently Asked Questions

A money market account is a type of deposit savings account that accumulates dividends based on the current markets. This type of account can be used for emergency savings or saving for a large purchase. Money market accounts are designed to be out of sight with higher rates in order to make saving more feasible.
Money market accounts provide higher rates than other savings accounts, which can increase your savings potential. The funds for these types of accounts are also easily accessible through check writing and debit card ATM withdrawals. A money market account can be used to boost your savings rate and can be used alongside other saving tools.
Money market accounts combine aspects of savings accounts and checking accounts. The primary difference between a money market account and a savings account is how you can access your money.

With a money market account, you’ll typically get a checkbook and/or debit card. You can write checks against the account’s balance or use the debit card to make purchases and withdraw money from ATMs.

Savings accounts typically don’t offer checkbooks and debit cards, meaning you have to withdraw money at a branch, or transfer funds to a checking account to access them.
A Share Certificate is a type of time deposit account. When you open a Share Certificate, you select a term for the account and must keep your money in the account for the full term. If you make an early withdrawal, you have to pay a penalty.

Money market accounts are far more flexible, allowing deposits and withdrawals at any time, though with some limitations on the number of withdrawals you can make in a single statement period.
The primary difference between a Money Market Account and a Checking Account is the restrictions on how you can access your money.

Both accounts come with debit cards and checkbooks that you can easily use to access your account’s balance.

Checking Accounts typically place no limit on the number of transactions you can make in a single statement period. With a Money Market Account, you’re typically limited to six withdrawals and transfers per statement, though some transactions, like in-person withdrawals, don’t count toward this limit.
In most cases, you can’t lose money in a Money Market Account.

So long as you have less than $250,000 in your covered accounts, the money in your Money Market Account is insured. If the credit union is unable to return the funds you’ve deposited, the NCUA will reimburse you for the amount lost..
Money Market Accounts are most useful when you have a large amount of money, but want to have quick and easy access to it.

If you keep your money in a checking account, you won’t earn a high rate of interest, but placing it in a savings account makes it harder to quickly access. With a Money Market Account, you can easily use a check or debit card to access your money while earning a reasonable rate of interest on the account’s balance.
Are Money Market Accounts NCUA-insured
Yes, Money Market Accounts offered by Radiant receive the same level of NCUA insurance as other types of accounts including savings accounts and checking accounts. Money Market Accounts covered by NCUA insurance are protected up to $250,000 per account type, per depositor.

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