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Radiant's digital banking services for businesses are designed to give you more control and flexibility in managing all of your business accounts through Radiant's eBanking system. From user access and detailed reporting to wire transfers and online payments. We're ready to help your business accounts run smoother than ever!


Digital Banking Administration
The Business Admin widget in eBanking is the foundation for all of the other Business functions and gives businesses the tools to set up, maintain and manage eBanking users, user roles and permissions, account access permissions, set account limits, available transaction methods, payees and payment methods, transaction authorizations, and reporting.

Business Reporting
The Business Reports widget in eBanking features a reporting dashboard, standard reports, custom reports, and integrated reports to assist business account users with daily reconciliations, ACH detail and transaction history.

Business Wire Transfers
Wire transfers are an integral part of many businesses, the Business Wires widget in eBanking provides business users the ability to establish wire payment companies, transaction limits, user access and limits, payees and payment methods, scheduling, dual-authorization, wire submissions and requests, notifications and alerts, and reporting.

Through eBanking, the AutoBooks feature enables businesses to manage online and SMS invoicing, as well as easily accept payments online (including credit cards) right to the business account. Plus, you can manage it all from the desktop or mobile device.


Remote Deposit Capture
With RDC, say goodbye to the routine bank visits and hello to the simplicity of depositing checks electronically right from your premises or on the go. Whether you choose to use a check scanner or your smartphone, RDC is tailored to blend seamlessly into your daily operations, offering extended deposit times for added flexibility. Furthermore, our secure digital archive provides easy access to deposit images for precise record-keeping, whenever needed.




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