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Commercial Team


We are available to our business clients whenever they need us, and we are always willing to be partners in your capital and debt structuring decisions.

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Matthew BraddyMatthew Braddy
Chief Lending Officer

Phone: (352) 381-1018

eMail: mbraddy@radiantcu.org


Jordan HaganJordan Hagan
Director of Commercial Lending

Phone: (352) 381-5277

eMail: jhagan@radiantcu.org

Liz CrewsLiz Crews
Director of Commercial Portfolio

Phone: (352) 381-1017

eMail: lcrews@radiantcu.org


Our members are talking

Radiant is great. They are so helpful ALL the time. They really care about their members. Can't say enough great things about them. Just went through a refinance mortgage and HELOC with them and they made it SO easy - amazing customer support.

V. Smith
Five Stars