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Are you ready to get started with Radiant's eBanking and Mobile App? Great news, it's super easy to get things rolling!

If you're new to Radiant or have never had access to eBanking or the mobile app before, just start below with the New Member Self Registration instructions.

Everyone else can just login with their primary member info or contact us for assistance.


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New Member Self Registration

  • Navigate to radiantcu.org and select My Account at the top right corner of the homepage. (Or select Login on the mobile app).
  • Once you are on the login page, please click on the Register link to get started.
  • You will be prompted to verify your account and personal information.
      (Please omit any leading zeros on your account number, i.e. 0007654321) 
  • You will then be prompted to create a new Username for your account. Please be sure to follow these parameters for your new Username:
      • Must be between 8 – 40 characters in length
      • Cannot be a duplicate of an existing Username
  • You will then be prompted to follow the temporary password process.
     Here you will need to specify where to send your temporary password.
  • Once you have entered your temporary password, you will be prompted to create a new password. Please ensure your password meets the following minimum requirements:
      • Must be at least 9 characters long
      • Must include upper- and lower-case letters
      • Must include a number (or numbers)
      • Must include a special character
        (Example: Radiant123!)

  • Once you verify your information is correct, you will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions.

  • You are now logged in to the new eBanking platform and can begin seeing your accounts. Your new login and password will also now work on the mobile app.

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Joint Member 

  • Joint members will need to login with an account in which they are the primary member on.  If they are not primary on any Radiant account they will need to call (352) 381-5200 and be set up to use eBanking.



  • To initiate a transfer, begin by selecting the Transfer & Pay option located at the top of the page.
  • You may select from the following Transfer & Pay options:
      • Quick Transfer allows you to transfer set specific dollar amounts under your transfers tab.
      • Classic Transfer is your standard transfer tab. Here you can transfer money internally from Radiant account to Radiant account, or to any external accounts.
      • Scheduled Transfer will display your current pending transfers.
      • History shows what transfers have already occurred to both Radiant and non-Radiant accounts. 

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  • You may locate your eStatements under the accounts tab.
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Account Number

  • To locate your account number, select the share (account) that you would like the account number for. Once that share (account) has been selected, click the Account Details tab to show your account number.

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New & Enhanced Features

  • Open new accounts and apply for loans online
  • Personal financial management and budget tools
  • Quick access to accounts and available balances
  • Mobile eStatements
  • Management of credit card reward points
  • Enhanced business services
  • Account Aggregation/Link External Accounts: You can add accounts from other financial institutions to get a complete picture of your finances.
  • Card Management: Activate your new card, set/reset your PIN, report card lost or stolen.
  • External Transfers (ACH): You can conveniently transfer funds to and from external financial institutions.
  • Transfers: You can transfer funds quickly and easily to another Member and even set recurring transfers or payments.
  • Mortgage Payments: You can make mortgage payments online via desktop and in the mobile app using a Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Overdraft Protection: You can set up and maintain overdraft protection.
  • Savings Goals: You can set up, edit, and update savings goals and track your progress as you go.
  • Zelle: You will be able to use Zelle for person-to-person payments (coming later)

What To Expect

Existing Users of eBanking & mobile banking
  • Following the conversion to the new online banking system, members that currently have an online or mobile account will access the new online banking system through www.RadiantCU.org, and will need to download the new mobile app from your smartphone app store. Your username will still be the same, but you will be issued a temporary password.

    The following steps will help you login and reset your password:
    1. Enter your current online banking username and temporary password in the login area. Your password from the old system will not work; you must use the temporary, calculated password.
    2. The temporary password is the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s SSN + their 4-digit birth year (i.e., last four digits of the SSN is 1234 and birth year is 1985, the temporary password would be 12341985).
    3. The login screen may look slightly different. Click login.
    4. Create a new password, confirm, and continue.
    5. Select and set the answers to your security questions. The security questions will only appear if the device you are logging in from is not recognized. Click continue.
    6. Confirm your personal information. Click continue.
    7. Read the terms and conditions of the online and mobile banking agreement, and check if you agree. Click continue.
    8. View your accounts to begin using the new digital banking system.

It’s that simple! You are now ready to use the new system.

New users of eBanking & mobile banking

  • New users of online banking & mobile banking
    • If you are not currently a user or have not used online or mobile banking with us in the last year, then you will need to register as a new user. Simply access the online banking page at radiantcu.org and click the “First time User” or the “Sign up now” link. This will prompt the system to walk you through the setup.
    • To assist you with our new login process, we have created a demonstration video that can be viewed on radiantcu.org/onlinebanking.
    • After watching the demonstration video, if you are unable to login, please contact us at 352-381-5200 for assistance.



Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have multi-account access?

Multi-account access is available upon request. Once the request is completed, this access enables you to access any shared accounts with a single login.


Where can the I locate loan payment amounts?

Loan payment amounts can be found using the Classic screen under the Transfers widget, or the Account Details tab within the Accounts widget.


Why would I NOT be able to see expected accounts at conversion?

If you are not able to see all the accounts you expected after conversion, it may be that the accounts were not linked, or you opted to hide the accounts. Please request assistance from Radiant.


Can I see my account number unmasked?

Yes, you can navigate underneath the Nickname at the top in the Accounts widget.  There is an eyeball that can hide/unhide the account number masking.

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Will my existing notifications transfer into the new system?

No. Alerts do not convert, and you will need to set up any alerts needed in the new system.


How do I set up alerts?

Alerts can be set by navigating to Settings → Notifications from mobile or desktop.


What kind of notification alerts does new eBanking offer?

There are system alerts that are automatically opted into and cannot disable. You will have the ability to opt into the alerts below:

Automatic Deposit Debit Card Purchase Transaction Description Transfer Succeed
Automatic Withdrawal Insufficient Funds External Transfer Account Blocked Goal Completed
Balance Loan Payment Due External Transfer Canceled Goal Endangered
Balance Summary Regulated Savings Transfer External Transfer Submitted Online Banking Access
 Check Cleared  Transaction  Transfer Fail  

How do I set card authorization alerts?

Card authorization alerts can be set up and managed from the Card Management widget.


How do I set up Remote Deposit Alerts?

You will receive Remote Deposit alerts in your email automatically, and you cannot opt in or out of Remote Deposit.


Why have I not received an alert yet?

Alerts are issued in real time or in batches. Real time alerts allow a notification to be sent immediately.  Batched alerts can take several hours for the transaction to be completed.

  • Real Time Alerts: Linked Accounts, Non-Registered Device, Profile Change, User Locked Out, Username Retrieval, Card Authorization, Reg D Transfer, Online Banking Access, Message Center, External Transfers.
  • Batch Alerts: Automatic Deposit, Automatic Withdrawal, Balance, Balance Summary, Certificate Maturity, Check Cleared, Debit Card Purchase, Direct Deposit, Insufficient Funds, Loan Payment Due, Transaction, Transaction Description, Transfer Succeeds, Transfer Fails, Goal Completed, Goal Endangered.

How do I set up Alerts/Text (SMS) Alerts?

  • You must first confirm your mobile number
    • “More” widget, Settings → Contact → Select mobile number → Send code via text
  • The system will prompt you to verify your identity. You can choose to have the code sent by text, email, or voice call.
    • Enter the verification code → Confirm Code → Save Phone

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BillPay & Quick Pay

Will I lose any of my payees, payments, or Bill Pay history at conversion?

No. All Bill Pay information will remain in place through the upgrade.  If you are unable to access current payees:

  • Make sure you are using the Primary User’s credentials. (Joints can create their own credentials but will not have access to the existing Bill Payment account.)
  • If you are the Primary User and cannot see your payee’s, Radiant will need to get the original account linked. It takes one business day, but if you need to schedule a payment today, Radiant can manually process the request for you. 

Will all my scheduled payments go out on time?

Yes. All pre-scheduled payments will go out normally. For Business Users, ACH accounts and recurring transfers have been converted from the current eBanking experience to avoid setting up the trial deposit process.


How do I access Bill Pay?

Through the Pay Bills widget, which will give you full access to the Bill Pay page on Mobile and Desktop.


What is Quick Bill Pay?

It is a faster, scaled-down version of Bill Pay.

  • Mobile access: View accounts → Pay a Bill
  • Desktop access: Quick Bill Pay from Dashboard screen on the right-hand side of the dashboard. 

Can Joint Login Users access Bill Pay?

Yes. Joint Users no longer must share Bill Pay access with the Primary. However, the joint User’s login will not be able to have a shared view of the primary User’s payees and payments. This means the joint Users will need to create their own payees.


What is the turnaround time for an ACH Bill Pay payment?

2-3 business days.


What is the difference between ebills vs Bill Pay? How is the Bill Pay widget view different?

An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill which can be viewed and paid via the Bill Pay widget. eBills are only compatible with companies that have been designated as an eBill provider (ex: Verizon Wireless, Discover and Home Depot).  If you are enrolled in eBills, you will have the same look and feel of the previous Bill Pay.


I am not seeing any of my Payees or Scheduled Payments?

Check to see if:

  • You were not part of the Bill Pay conversion and now have a new Bill Pay/Login ID.
  • The Bill Pay/Login ID was associated to another account (typically the Primary User) and the Joint User was the one using the Bill Pay feature but was sharing credentials with the Primary User.

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Card Management

What is Card Management?

Card Management allows you to set authorization alerts and disable or enable credit/debit cards, if there is suspected fraud or if you may have lost/misplaced your card(s). This is available on both debit and credit cards.  Features on debit and credit cards include:

  • Block/Unblock card use
  • Authenticate purchases 

How do I set up Card Controls?

After you have set up your cards, you can select Card Management → Select the alert method preference → Register. Once completed, all transactions will be sent in real time.


If I disable my card due to suspected fraudulent activity, do I need to notify Radiant?

Yes. You should replace your cards which will require you to notify Radiant. New cards can be ordered and mailed, provided by ‘instant issuance’ at a Radiant branch location, or provided as a ‘digital’ card for immediate download and use.

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Checking Services

When the I make a Stop Payment via the Check Services widget, do I get charged the stop payment fee?


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Courtesy Pay

Will I have the option to use both the Overdraft Protection widget (OPD) and the Courtesy Pay widget?

Yes.  If have Overdraft Protection set up, those funds will be utilized first. If there are no funds available, or you have not set up Overdraft Protection, Courtesy Pay will be used if this service has been selected.

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Can I still opt in separately to eStatements and eNotices?

No. Our new platform does not allow you to separately choose to opt into eStatements and eNotices. Both are required as part of the opt-in selection.


If I am not opted into eNotices right now and be notified that they are now opted into eStatement and eNotices?

You will be notified upon your first login. This information will be shared in the disclosure you will need to accept to continue with online banking.


What are examples of eNotices?

eNotices include forms, tax documents, alerts, and late payment notices.


How do I view eStatements?

eStatements can be viewed by locating View Documents from the Dashboard. If the widget is not visible, you should click the More widget → edocuments.


Can the I still download statements to Quicken or CSV?

Yes. Using the Accounts Widget → Export transactions → Select the file type. Please note: This is the same process for business users.

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 External Transfers

Will there be any features in external transfers in our old system that are disabled prior to the conversion?

Yes.  Single one-time transfers will be available. However, you will not be able to add a new account or create recurring transfers during a specific blackout period.


Did the external accounts and scheduled payments transfer to our new eBanking?

Yes. You should be able to use your previously linked external accounts without reconfirmation. All external scheduled transfers/payments should have converted into the new system.


Can I make a transfer FROM an external account?

Yes. You can make a transfer from an external account to your loans, credit cards, and shares. However, to transfer money between accounts, you must follow the Add External Account procedure in the Transfer widget to initiate the micro deposit process.


Can I make a transfer TO an external account?

Yes. You can make a transfer TO an external account. However, to transfer money between accounts, you must follow the Add External Account procedure in the Transfers widget to initiate the micro deposit process.


What if the micro deposits are rejected?

If a micro-deposit is rejected or canceled, the originator of the request will receive an email notification. To troubleshoot a rejection, it is recommended to:

  • Validate the account number and routing numbers of the other financial institution.
  • Determine if it is rejected or if it’s pending – micro-deposits can take up to 3 business days to process.
  • Validate the owner of the other account to ensure the name is associated.
  • Check with the other institution to see if micro deposits could have been returned for any reason, including a name mismatch.

A Radiant Credit Union representative can assist with this troubleshooting.


Are there limits on the amounts I can transfer out?

Yes, standard limits are no more than $5,000 per day, $10,000 per week or $20,000 per month. Those using external transfers as of the conversion date are allowed elevated amounts: Up to $10,000 per day, $25,000 per week and $50,000 per month.

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After conversion, will I need a new Username or password?

We converted all Usernames and passwords for current Users to the new system. However, if you made modifications to your Username or password during conversion, then your modifications may not have been converted to the new system.


Why am I experiencing trouble utilizing features?

Features and functionality have been thoroughly vetted on compatible web browsers and current versions of IOS or Android. It is important to ensure you are on a supported browser:

  • Google Chrome: Latest two versions
  • Firefox: Latest two versions
  • Internet Explorer: v11*
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest two versions
  • Safari: Last two major versions
  • IOS: Last two major versions
  • Android: v5.0 and higher

*Limited Support: User’s with IE11 will have limited functionality and the platform will not work as expected.  IE11 is not recommended.


Do joint Users have their own login?

Yes. After conversion, you will be able to register for a joint login using new self-service registration options.


Why am I being requested to authenticate myself when logging in?

Authentication is required when you sign in with a different computer or device that the system does not recognize. You can select Remember Me On This Device to avoid additional prompts for verification. For mobile, enabling Quick Login/FaceID will allow a faster login option.


Why did I not receive a multi-factor authentication code when logging in from a new device?

If you have previously logged in with another device utilizing the same Wi-Fi connection, then the new device may not require additional authentication. The new device will show up under registered devices on the Security Tab.


Will I need to change their password? 

You will be initially granted access using your existing password; however, to retain the same password, it must meet the new password requirements. If your existing password does not meet the requirements, you will be prompted upon login to set a new password. As with any conversion, it is possible you may have problems logging in. For instances, Radiant will need to reset your password, or you can self-serve a password reset. If you do not login to the new system within 60 days after the conversion and your password does not meet the requirements, then you will need to reset your password prior to logging in.


What are the new password requirements?

Below are the requirements for passwords:

  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Passwords cannot be the same as your account number or Username.
  • Passwords need to be between 8 and 20 characters
  • Passwords can/must contain at least 1 number.
  • Passwords can/must contain at least 1 letter.
  • Passwords can/must only contain letters and numbers but may optionally include these special characters ~!@#$%^&?*+=.
  • Passwords may not be the same as your last 10 

When I receive a temporary password, how long will it last?

24 hours. After 24 hours, you will need to request another temporary password.

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New Features 

 What are some of the new features with our enhanced digital banking?

  • Account Aggregation/Link External Accounts: You can add accounts from other financial institutions to get a complete picture of their finances.
  • Card Management: Activate your new card, set/reset your PIN, report card lost or stolen.
  • External Transfers (ACH): You can conveniently transfer funds to and from external financial institutions.
  • Transfers: You can transfer funds quickly and easily to another Member and even set recurring transfers or payments.
  • Mortgage Payments: You can make mortgage payments online via desktop and in the mobile app using a Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Overdraft Protection: You can set up and maintain overdraft protection.
  • Savings Goals: You can set up, edit, and update savings goals and track your progress as you go.
  • Zelle: You will be able to use Zelle for person-to-person payments (coming later)

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How do I change my settings?

  • Desktop: You should navigate to the down arrow caret next to your name in the upper right hand corner Settings → More → Settings Widget.
  • Mobile: You will click the More button on the bottom right of the app in IOS (or the Hamburger menu option on the upper left in Android), then click Others → Settings.


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