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even-up savings account

Earn 10.00% APY*


Even-up Savings Account

Radiant’s Even-Up Savings Account helps you easily build your savings from your normal spending. How? Radiant automatically rounds up your debit card signature and PIN purchases to the next dollar. Then, the ‘rounded-up amount’ is placed into your Even-Up Savings account – automatically. And, the best part is the great rate you’ll be earning on your Even-Up Savings. Hassle-free savings to help you save for what you need.

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Radiant Even-Up Savings Benefits:

  • Automatically rounds up each debit card transaction.
  • Transfers rounded up balance to savings every day.
  • Earn up to 10.00% Annual Percentage Yield.1
  • Build your savings easily and automatically.


How it works

  • Even-Up amounts are accumulated and transferred daily as a single transaction.
  • If you make multiple purchases on the same day, your statement will show one combined Even-Up Savings transfer for that day.
  • If the available amount in the checking account is less than $25 the Even-Up transfer will not happen.
  • Signature and PIN transactions will be included. 
  • Deposits to the account are only from your debit card Even-Up transaction change.  No other deposits are allowed.  The only way for money to go into Even-Up Savings is through the Even-Up program.
  • Commercial debit cards/accounts are not eligible.
  • Dividend period is quarterly. The quarter begins the first day of the calendar quarter.  Dividends are credited on the last day of the calendar quarter.  
    • January 1 through March 31
    • April 1 through June 30
    • July 1 through September 30
    • October 1 through December 31
  • Dividends will be compounded quarterly.

¹The even-up amount will be withdrawn from your checking account and deposited into your Even-Up Savings. Dividend rate is 10.00%.10.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is earned on balances of $0.01 to $5,000.00. The APY for any amount over $5,000.00 is 0.05% APY. Rates current as of December 1, 2022. Rates subject to change. Please see current rate schedule for current rates. Even-ups from debit card transactions are accumulated and transferred daily as a single transaction. There must be $25 in the checking account after all transactions post during nightly processing for the even-up posting to occur.




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